About Our 2023-2024 Teacher of the Year...

TOY 23-24
Congratulations to Mrs. Sandra Morales, Canterbury's 2023-2024 Teacher of the Year!
Sandra Morales lives in Edinburg, TX and is married to Ray Dennis Morales. He is the Physical Education teacher at Ramirez Elementary. They have two sons, Joshua and Kevyn. Both sons graduated from Robert Vela HS. Sandra’s journey after high school wasn’t headed towards becoming a teacher.  A year into her path of being an accountant, she decided that it was not a good fit.  While contemplating her future, she looked back to the days when she was little and would help her mother, who was a kinder paraprofessional, at work.  In the fall of 1993, she completed her student teaching with an inspiring teacher at Pharr Elementary and never doubted her decision.  After working at Pharr Elementary for 13 years teaching 1st, 4th and 5th grade, in 2006, she started working at Canterbury Elementary where she was told that she would be teaching science.  Through hard work, dedication, and help of technology, she fell in love with teaching 5th grade science and has been successful in creating a strong science program for her students and grade level. Sandra works endlessly to create lessons that will inspire students to fall in love with science.  In the fall of 2020, Sandra took on the job as Technology Contact for her campus.  Now, she has the opportunity to assist her fellow colleagues in being successful when it comes to using technology to facilitate the learning of their students.  Sandra looks forward to continuing to build the hearts and minds of her students.