Meet our 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year

I’ve been in the teaching profession for seventeen years, and every year my goal is to capture their hearts because if I can do that, then I can move mountains. I believe that teaching should be exciting, different, and spontaneous. The best way I can describe it is like the title of a really good book I read, “Teach like your hair is on fire.” I am always evolving, trying to make every year different and doing the unexpected for my students. I thrive when I teach and can’t imagine the rewards I’d find in teaching, anywhere else. Every year has its common challenges, but every year has been ordinary compared to teaching online. Extraordinary, is where I’ve been called to be during this Topsy Turvy Times.

Unstoppable, resilient, innovative, out of the box, and inspiring are all qualities that persevere inside of me. I strive for ways to make connections whether virtually or live in the classroom. I have burned the midnight oil on planning, creating, and learning the plethora of digital platforms and resources to engage my students. It’s my mission as an educator to spark the fire that needs to breathe. My believes about teaching spills over to every subject. I use music, dance, performances, art, hands on activities, and whatever I can pull out from my Mary Poppins bag to capture their imagination. If they don’t get it, then I change, I transform, and adapt to what my kids need because it’s important to believe in them when they don’t believe in themselves. Kids will come and go but how I made them feel will forever be engraved in their hearts. My kids matter, their thoughts and opinions matter, and because of that I aim to create a classroom that sparks desire to learn because I know desire is contagious. William Arthur Ward, wrote that, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates, but the great teacher inspires. My dream is to always inspire. I’ve been a 4th grade teacher at Canterbury Elementary for the last seven years where I’ve learned to kick everything up a notch. It’s been a privilege to have been part of so many areas in the Edinburg school district. I was part of the curriculum writing team, I have done poetry and writing workshops for teachers across the school district, I was a sponsor for our dynamic chess team for five years, and last year was a spectacular kick start on an art and drama program for our school. Every part of my journey has been amazing and to be named Teacher of The Year has been an honor.


By the words of Todd Whitaker, “The best thing about being a teacher is that it matters. The hardest thing about being a teacher is that it matters every day. At the end, without knowing you will have left a legacy. Remember that you matter.